NEW: Java Based Dicom Viewer (Web-startable)

VisionX: Enhanced Java-based Dicom Viewer

Based upon the code and experience of the Java Applet based Dicom Viewer, we developed a new and more enhanced version of the same. The new viewer is not Applet based anymore, but can be web-started (JNLP), this way problems like limited heap space for the Java virtual machine are avoided, besides, our viewer can even be used stand-alone now.


Among the most important features of our new viewer VisionX, we can mention:

  • Web-startable
  • Works on Windows, Linux and Macintosh clients
  • Can handle jpeg2000 compressed images, including on Macintosh
  • Multi-series / multi-images
  • Cutlines
  • Synchronization between series
  • Can open series of images from local disk
  • Bar with series thumbnails to the left
  • Easy switching between principal functions with middle mouse button
  • Basic Multiplanar Image Reconstruction function
  • NEW: Printing of series or selected images
  • NEW: Saving of series or selected images in JPG format
  • NEW: E-mailing of series or selected images in JPG format
  • NEW: Embedded PDF reports viewer


For a demo of our new viewer VisionX, please see here.

Note: For viewing DX modality images (14 bits stored) we recommend using Java 1.5 on the client computer, as JRE 6 has very bad Java2D drawing performance for those images (seconds (!) instead of some milliseconds for scaling / drawing those images).

Attention please if you have Java 1.7.0_51 or higher installed

Because of the new security features of Java 1.7.0_51 and greater, you will need to add the following URL's to the Exception Site List in the Java Control Panel, in order to be able to run our demo's:

Otherwise, you can set the Security Level slider to "Medium".

Java Control Panel Security Settings for Java version 1.7.0_51

VisionX Sample Image VisionX Sample Image VisionX Sample Image

Source Code

We are willing to license the complete source code of our viewer to interested parties. Please use our contact form for inquiries.
Licensing includes code samples for integration of the viewer with PACS server.
Note: Our software is commercial software, so there are no free source code downloads available of the viewer! For pricing of the source code, please contact us!

Integration with dcm4chee

We have an easy integration available with dcm4chee 2.14.7 of our viewer, tested on the MySQL and Oracle versions of dcm4chee Archive.